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In case you were wondering what the story is on the patterns I include in my posts, here’s the background on them. First of all, when I was reading info on how to get readers for my blog, a lot of the advice said to include visual aids, but not to steal other people’s work. It’s hard to take pictures of things like self-acceptance, and I didn’t want to pay for stock photos, so I wasn’t sure what to do.

Shortly after starting this blog, I went to an art therapy session at an eating disorder conference, and the presenter encouraged all of us to doodle more, like we did when we were children. She said that it would help with nonverbal expression and creativity.  So I thought I’d take her advice and include my doodles in my blog as another element of self-expression. They look like something that a five-year old would draw, so I claimed that they were drawn by my inner child Sophie.

After awhile I couldn’t stand embarrassing myself any more, so I found another art app called iOrnament, which creates patterns based on mathematical properties. Fortunately, I am much better with patterns than I am with drawing. I try to pick patterns that go with the post when I can, although I can’t always articulate why they seem fitting. I’ve been told by my friends that they would be great designs for tennis skirts, so if anyone has advice on how I can make that happen, feel free to contact me!

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  1. A thought…, way cheap way to have good pics.



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